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Zena Marchant works for LaGuardia Gateway Partners, a private company chosen by former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to develop and run Terminal B at LaGuardia International Airport. She has over eight years of management and specialist experience, with an emphasis on assisting businesses in building sustainably to benefit the environment in the long run. Her abilities in the domains of environmental science, sustainability, data analysis, and community outreach have been praised by many present and previous colleagues.


Zena Marchant has lived in New York City her entire life. She studied meteorology at Penn State University for four years before returning to CUNY City College to receive a Master's Degree in Earth and Environmental Science.

Marchant placed a high value on lifelong learning and has received a number of professional certifications during the course of her career. She holds an OSHA 40 Safety and Training certificate, a Florida Association of Safety Councils OSHA 30 construction certificate, and a National Safety Council OSHA 10 Construction certificate. The New York Department of Labor has also granted her a NYS Mold Assessor License.

Zena Marchant is also studying at New York University for a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification and a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certificate. The PMP certification is recognized all around the world, and those who hold it are recognized as specialists who have both the expertise and the training to handle a wide range of projects in a variety of industries.

Experiential Learning

Zena Marchant began her career at the US Environmental Protection Agency in New York as a clean air and sustainability intern. Her time with the agency lasted several months, and it was an excellent opportunity for someone who cares about the environment and wants to promote sustainable construction. Marchant then worked as an environmental specialist for Triumvirate Environmental, a corporation that specializes in offering environmentally friendly solutions to businesses across a variety of industries. The firm's services include assisting businesses in reducing waste, adhering to environmental requirements, and managing risk while minimizing overhead expenses.

Zena Marchant began to work as an Assistant Project Manager at Consulting Testing Services, Inc. after more than a year at Triumvirate Environmental. In addition to official inspection services in New York City, industrial hygiene services, and emergency response consulting services to help businesses prepare for natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, fires, tornadoes, and severe winter weather, the company offers some of the same services as Triumvirate Environmental.

Working with the Gateway Partners at LaGuardia Airport

In 2016, Zena Marchant began working with LaGuardia Gateway Partners. In January 2021, she was promoted to project manager after starting as an environmental compliance and sustainability coordinator. Marchant's talents and experience are a natural fit for the organization, which prioritizes ensuring that the new LaGuardia airport terminal implements sustainable building practices to save energy and benefit the environment. The project was awarded LEED v4 Gold certification, making it the first airport terminal in the world to do so. Almost all new construction materials are made from waste left over from earlier projects. Water consumption is predicted to be reduced by 43 percent, while energy consumption is expected to be reduced by 18 percent. To achieve the latter purpose, LaGuardia Gateway Partners installed solar water heaters, erected a light-colored aluminum membrane roof for the terminal, and employed decreased window glass for terminal windows.

Charitable Purposes

Zena Marchant volunteered at Penn State University's animal sanctuary while a university student. Penn State has always prioritized animal welfare, with the university's PennVet department collaborating with a number of major Pennsylvania animal welfare organizations to offer proper care and medical treatment to stray dogs, cats, and other pets. PennVet also provides animal-related teaching and instructional services to middle and high school students.

Zena Marchant is also a strong supporter of environmental issues. Every year, she participates in Earth Day cleanups at local parks, painting benches and trash cans to make outdoor spaces more pleasant for local residents. Throughout the year, she volunteers at her church, donating her services as needed to improve the lives of those in her community. She also donates clothes and money to charity on a regular basis.


Zena Marchant is a Queens resident who spends her free time caring for her two dogs when she isn't working or studying. She enjoys taking them to the park where they can run around, play, and bark at other dogs. She enjoys visiting new areas and eating at different restaurants, particularly informal eateries that serve macaroni & cheese.

Marchant is obsessed with fashion and make-up, as well as horror films, both good and awful. She is a major admirer of the HBO series Game of Thrones.


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